The following article is reprinted from The Prophecy Club publication "35 Prophecies, Dream, & Visions For America by Dumitru Duduman," updated June 15, 1997. They may be reached at PO Box 450, Mineola, TX 75773.


A Prophetic Dream given to Dimitru Duduman

"Surely the LORD God will do nothing but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets." Amos 3:7

After prayer I went to sleep. In my dream, I heard a powerful noise. I began to look around me. When I looked up, I saw a big star in the sky but it's tips were bent. All of a sudden, I heard the sound of horse hoofs, which were getting closer and closer. When I looked to where the noise was coming from, I saw four horses, pulling an old fashioned chariot, with 4 men it it. They were armed with heavy artillery and they began to shoot at the star. The star began to burn. Then it fell from the sky. I woke up and told Mike the dream. He asked me what it meant. The Mike told me to pray, and if it was of God, God would let me dream it again.

I prayed and again tried to fall asleep. I was nodding off, when again I heard the noise and saw the star with it's bent tips. Again I heard the horse hoofs. But this time when I looked up, there were six horses and six men in the chariot. All of them had masks on and they were armed. Again they began to shoot at the star. The star began to burn and then it fell again. Scared; I woke up. Being troubled, I prayed again and asked God for an explanation. I could not fall asleep for a few hours, but when I did, the same dream came again. This time the noise was even greater. Again the star appeared, with the same crooked tips. Again I heard the horses. This time though, there weren't 4 or 6 horses. Threre were 8 horses, and 8 men in the chariot. Again they fired upon the star, and it fell. This time when it hit the ground it blew up. In the same place where the star used to be, appeared a man, dressed in white. He said "The star represents America. The reason the tips are crooked, is because America has gone away from the truth, and the way of God. The eight horses and the men in the chariot, represent eight kings that will rise up against America and will overcome her." This is where the dream finished. That same morning, during my prayer time, I saw a red flag with light blue and white in the left corner. It was bleeding. May God keep us awake, and ready.

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