The following article is reprinted from The Prophecy Club publication "35 Prophecies, Dream, & Visions For America by Dumitru Duduman", updated June 15, 1997. Contact Information: PO Box 450, Mineola, TX 75773.


A vision given to Dimitru Duduman

"Surely the LORD God will do nothing but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets."Amos 3:7

I was asleep in the afternoon. I was frightened by the whinny of a horse and the crack of a whip. I fell to the floor. As I looked up, I saw an angel on a red horse dressed ready for war! He wore a shiny helmet and a wide belt around his waist. Attached to his waist were several different types of guns and knives. He had a machine gun hung around his neck, and a radiant sword in his hand. Light was coming from the end of the sword like a flashlight, only much brighter.

The angel said, "I am an angel sent down by Gabriel. Why is your heart so sad? Because many people don't accept the message? People are happy because there is peace here. In a short while, it will change into war! I am sent to take peace off the earth." The angel went on, "In some places, wars will start. Peop0le will rasise their swords against one another." He continued, "Don't worry, be happy! Why are you worried about money? The cries, prayers, and fasting of ones in your country (Romania) have reached God. Don't worry. Gold, silver, and wealth belong to God. He will not let you down."

"You see, some people, " said the angel, "Don't want to believe the truth, or the events that will happen. Only the ones whose names are written in the BOOK OF LIFE will listen and repent! Fight hard, because the fight will be harder as you continue. It will be harder than it has been. The days are numbered. What I have told you will happen."

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