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How can I know that I can trust what you say is true?

It is true that there are many phonies out there. Lots of ministers are in it for personal recognition or the money. Some perhaps even for the "power of position." Trust is something that is earned. However, "Without faith, it is impossible to please God, and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." Our purpose in ministry is not to build a personal kingdom, but to let His kingdom within be revealed in YOU. Christ lives in you. Do you charge to minister?

We at Grace and Truth Ministries have never, and will never charge anything to anyone for personal ministry. Freely we have received, so therefore, freely we give. The Scriptures do state that the "workman is worthy of his hire." As Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we do gratefully receive freewill offerings to sustain our ministry. Following this belief, God has sent us to Mexico, Canada, the Ukraine, Israel, and all over the US. He has paid every expense.

Ever had any miracles happen?

Seeing the power of God demonstrated is the most exciting thing about serving Him. I personally have experienced deaf ears opening, healings of all manner of sickness and disease, swellings go down, etc. The most dramatic miracle occurred when a man died during a meeting I was doing. He died and I prayed for him. I rebuked death and he revived. He was the one who told me he had died and was standing before the LORD, who told him he must return because I was praying.

We are not the author of these events, Christ in us is. "Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever." He inhabits His people, and He does the works through us. Many people are filled with doubt and unbelief, even in the churches. That doubt hinders their healings. Ask God to destroy its foundation in you, and see what happens. Your Heavenly Father knows where you are, and the condition of your heart.

Will you come and minister to a small group?

The size of a group is not important. We go wherever the Holy Spirit leads. The original church only held its meetings in home groups. If God is leading you to have us come, if its possible for us to be there, we will come. Home meetings are in perfect harmony with our ministry.


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