On Hearing the Word

I recently heard a pastor discuss hearing the voice of God. The foundation for his position was found in the Book of Habakkuk.

Basically, he outlined a four step process.
1. Quiet yourself (cut out all distractions) Worship the Lord as you will.
2. Fix your inner eye (heart) on Jesus. Keep your focus there, on Him, watching inside the screen of your mind to see what He might show you, and listen to hear what He will say to you.
3. Journaling is also important, for then, “it is written”. Write what you saw and heard and just let all ideas that come flow. Don’t edit, but do listen and write.
4. Spontaneity... just writing what you see and hear in your head and your heart.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you something the Lord showed me about ten years ago. I was sitting quietly in the living room and I received a strong impression to took at the energy contained in a magnet. Try to pull two magnets apart and you will find a tremendously powerful, invisible, energy source. I saw a spinning wheel laden with evenly spaced, powerful magnets, connected to an electrical generator. When the magnets passed through a field, electricity was created, and could be stored in batteries. Or, it could be converted to AC and sent into the Power Grid, providing absolutely clean, pure energy at no extra cost. The pulse was started by a tiny battery, and wired to a micro pulse circuit which would regulate the speed of the engine, and the amount of electricity generated. I saw one that could generate 6 Kilowatts per hour. The generator reached speeds of up to 10000 rpms. I believe I could build one if I had a few people with special skills. Give me a million bucks to fund it. I need that to start with, and I will bring forth the solution to the world’s energy crisis by the power of God.

A few years back, the Lord showed me that one solution to the energy crisis was the power contained or rather released by a simple magnet. Used correctly, a magnet can be used to generate electrical current. It is totally renewable, limited only by the number and gauss strength of the magnets in a system. Magnets can be used to generate power to fly airplanes, run trains, trucks, cars, tanks, jeeps, boats and ships. Power can be made available anywhere without the need for fossil fuel. With such a marvelous, cheap, renewable resource available, what is hindering it’s release to the public? Who would want to stop this from happening?

I can only speculate here, but I rather think that the folks that own the means of production and the energy distribution channels see it as competition they do not want. This would cost them much revenue in the long haul. Vested interest groups, like oil companies, manufacturers of internal combustion engines, etc, would not like to see this happen. It would mean the end of them lining their pockets at everyone's expense, something that Nikolai Tesla foresaw and fought against.

The entrenched powers that be like it this way and are willing to to keep it that way. Government doesn't want it because it means the elimination of gas tax dollars which are used to finance roads, bridges, and schools.

I have seen EM machines run cars. I have seen generators put out 30kw using magnetic energy, precisely pulsed, to cause power to be created to power the device. The government and vested interest power groups are also aware of these machines. Every one of those that I have encountered so far has been snapped up by the big companies like GE or GM and disappear, never to be seen or heard about again. There appears to be collusion between the automobile makers (internal combustion engines which require fossil fuel), the petroleum industry, and the government. The technology is continually undermined at every level. Scientists say it can't be done. Over Unity devices (perpetual motion) has been vilified as pipe dreams, make-believe stuff that is foolish to believe in. I believe the vilifiers are all lying to the public.

I have been asking the LORD to give us a power source right out of thin air. The energy machine is to have no moving parts, be light weight and portable. Easily assembled from existing materials, and capable of generating unlimited power. It isn't going to come from man, but to man from God. He alone is the Creator. And He gives "gifts to men!

The technological advances made by mankind over the past 100 years have made it more than just a dream. With electronic timing devices, powerful magnets, and human ingenuity, the solution was created, and recreated. The first ones were built in the 1920s. People like Nicolai Tesla and TT Brown showed it can be done. They even made entire ships disappear during WWII and have been toying with time travel, space travel, remote viewing, and brain washing. This is one crazy world we live in, and you and I were born for such a time as this.

Mankind has reached the pinnacle of his growth. As a species, we humans have developed the ability to wipe out all mankind with the simple push of a button. There are many in power who have no qualms about pushing that button to defeat their enemies, because they have a hole in the ground into which they can crawl and be safe until the war is over. They would like to see the population of the world reduced by a staggering 90%, and they see most of us as "useless eaters", and detrimental to a "sustainable" environment. Its also a resurrection from the dead of Nazism and/or Fascism. One article I read said that the very heart of the philosophy of the UN was based upon Aryanism, and genetic selection. The “inferior races” were only suitable for slavery or elimination. But God didn't make no junk! Every human being alive is here by the power of God. Of course, there are some that are born “in vitro”, or test tube babies. And then there are the clones. Still, its life is a gift from God alone.

Each person is born with a destiny to fulfill, and is therefore valuable. Every human is created in the image and likeness of God. Jesus says "as you do unto the least of My Brethren, so you do unto Me." That was also the reason He gave us the Golden Rule to live by, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This is the only way we can live peaceably with each other. We have rule of law that can only work if the law is used justly. If judges or politicians are taking bribes, they are perverting justice and bring misery on us all, until its turned back to truth. Somehow, God is going to take the wicked out and permit the righteous to remain. I believe it, and I think it is going to happen very soon. I do not have a thus saith the Lord” on that! Just something I feel in my heart. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? The prospect for a monumental transformation has been given us by the Scriptures, and other prophetic voices. I see us humans rather like butterflies encased in cocoons which we call bodies. In fact, I recall such a cocoon vision in Church at Light of the City when Pastor Peter was preaching. I saw that I was in a cocoon, awaiting my unveiling, or birth?

The Mayan calendar's last recorded date ends on December 21, 2012. The New World Order is ready to take over the world, but who is really in charge? God still sits in the heavenlies on His throne and He, the Creator, has His own timetable, which cannot be over ridden. Jesus is coming for a bride without spot or wrinkle. May the Atonement of Christ cleanse us all and make us acceptable in His sight.

I really comes down to this, "do you believe?" If not, you are right. If you do believe, you are right. Sound like jibberish? The truth is, all things are done according to your faith. Its a question of what you believe. Do you really believe that with you and God, all things are possible? Many Brethren have been told lies as the foundation of their truth. Bad deal there. That is a house built on sand, not the Rock. I suggest asking God to reveal the Truth to you in your heart. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God has not abandoned you. You can hear His voice. Be still and know Him. Call upon Him while He may be found. Believe He is a Father and loves His children. He says, "My sheep hear My voice, and another they will not follow". His Name is Jesus Christ.


Grace & Truth Ministries