1Cor.14:29 "Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should weigh carefully what is said." (NIV)

Please weigh carefully each word: the following prophetic words were given in May 1999 by Valerie of New Jersey. I sense a deep urgency of the Holy Spirit in this message from the Throne Room.

by Valerie (Glorified 7) of New Jersey

And the day is coming, and think it not strange that the day is nearer than one would think, that God's blessing and long-suffering will end, and His judgment will begin, and many will be brought to the crossroads of their lives! Christ is coming back for a Bride, one without spot or wrinkle. So many are deceived, but there is coming a great shaking, and this shaking will bring the Fear of the Lord, back to the people, and that Fear of the Lord, will bring forth two things, Holiness and Rebellion! There will be NO fence riders in that day! Their hearts will be exposed in that day, and that day is upon us, that day is at hand. The Lord is saying to the people this very day, I put before you choices, I put before you blessings and cursings, I put before you Life, and I put before you Death. You must choose! Choose Life that you and your children may live! For it is not I that makes this choice for you, says the Lord.

I am Holy, therefore you must be Holy, for I AM HOLY, says your God. I cannot abide amongst your sins. I cannot make a habitation, amongst your wickedness. Be not deceived! Why do you take it lightly when I say that many in that day will say unto me Lord, Lord...and I will respond by telling them to flee from me as I never knew them, as they are workers of iniquity? Don't you know that those people, of whom I speak, are those who called themselves children of God? Be not deceived! For I am the Lord God, and nothing that I have spoken, will be in vain! It is my desire that none should perish; this is why I sent my Son Jesus, to seek and save that which is lost. But many have not rightly discerned Him. Many have looked on the blood lightly. Because it is an easy thing, many are deceived and believe the cost is light. Though it is true, that my grace has provided the blood free to all that believe, it will surely cost you all that you have, and all that you are! Why do you think of it as symbolic to pick up your cross and follow after me daily?

I have to cause a shaking; I must move you! You must be brought to the place of choices, and brought out of the place of complacency, for your sake! Don't you know that I love you? Many in this day will say: how can this be happening to us? Where is God? Why would He allow this? I say unto you, this thing is from me! It is not your enemy. Stop warfaring, and start worshiping! For where Worship is, there is Holiness, and no sin can abide, in Worship. I am calling all of my people to a place of Holiness. You must be Holy. If you are not Holy, you cannot enter my Kingdom. Your tears cannot bring you into my presence, only your change. You must be transformed into the image of my dear Son. As with my Son whom I resurrected, there was first to be a death, a crucifixion. Without death there is no resurrection. This is the answer to which you have been asking, why can't I hear from God? How come I never get a word? How come, I can't feel God's presence like some of these? Your answer is, that you are still alive! I cannot penetrate the barrier of yourself! Don't you know how much I long for your fellowship? I wait for you, in the day, and in the night...you never come!

You are always consumed by things having to do with self, be consumed by My Spirit! says your God. I have so many things that I want to tell you, secrets that I want to share, but you never come into the secret place... enter in. Sanctify yourself, and consecrate your life to me now! I will in no wise cast you out. I will receive you to myself, and I will show you things to come. Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you, says your God. I desire you. I died for you. I love you. Come and enter in, please come before it is too late. Please don't hesitate... this is no time to procrastinate! It is getting very late! The hour is at hand, hear my voice as I harken unto you, don't delay, make haste, seal your fate, don't wait; says your God.


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